Sunday, September 17, 2006

Surveying the mayoral landscape .... poorly

Surveying the mayoral landscape - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Surveying the mayoral landscape
Joe Sabino Mistick article on the mayor landscape is a blunder of the highest order. This isn't a survey with any sense of truth. It is typical of Pittsburgh's media blunders and why we need a vibant internet and blogger network to point out the failure in their ways.

To begin, Les Ludwig, everyone's favorite, is NOT going to run. I talked to Les this week. Les has three important programs on his front burner presently. All have big implications and are very cost friendly to the city's and county's landscape. But, as exepcted, these projects are not getting the traction they need.

Joe Sabino Mistick should talk with Les about his proposals for his next article rather than put his name in as a mayor candidate. Then when the new proposals are put into the mainstream media, we'll have something good to talk about.

It is not too early to count Les out -- but -- do look at the ideas behind the past candidate next.

Sure, Peduto and Lamb and Ravenstahl are obvious picks.

But what of Joe Weinroth, the Republican.

What of Green candidate Titus North? Titus got the votes of my wife, my mother-in-law and my director of research in the last general election.

Joe wants to ponder, poorly, the elections of the future when dates are still unknown, but won't talk about the present. Titus North is running for US Congress and wants to be on the November 7, 2006 ballot. Why don't you do a real landscape review and talk about him.

Titus North, if he gets on the ballot, could get more votes for US Congress in 2006 than Peduto got for mayor in 2005.

Then there is this crap about James C. Roddey. He doesn't even live in the city Joe. Why not mention Lynn Swann. Perhaps he should be mentioned too.

Oh, and for Dan Onorato, our county executive, why stop there?

Let's wish for Fast Eddie Rendell to come back and be both Governor and Mayor of Pittsburgh.

Hell, let's vote for the departed Bishop to be both Mayor and the leader of the Arch-Dioceses of DC. Perhaps he didn't change is voter identification card. And, I'm sure that they could leave a light on for him at St. Paul's Seminary if he really needed to establish residence, still within the city.

Finally there is the 'keep the powder dry' part. Like this is 'war.' Give us a break. We have elections in this society so we don't need to go to war. But the media is bent on making these democratic funcitions everything that they are not. Elections are simple. Democracy is messy. The media gets is wrong, repeatedly, here in Pittsburgh. Hence, it is no wonder we get what we got.

I like to use another slogan. In war, the first casualty is the truth. Thanks, but no thanks to Joe Sabino Mistick, for proving this heartbreaking point, again, as we talk about the mayor's race due in 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009.

If you want to survey the landscape, then survey the landscape. Perhaps the headline should be about celebs instead.

Psst.... Ever hear of Jack Wagner and Jim Ferlo?


TomBaker said...

Mark-- Your response to Mr. Mistick's article was interesting. It is a little early to speculate on who will run for Mayor, since we have no definitive sense of when the election will take place. However, I agree that some potential candidates, like Weinroth and North, were left out. There is a much better chance that they will run then Dan Onorato or Mr. Roddey.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Tom, hope you campaign is going well. Would you like to blog about it?

Mark R.

TomBaker said...

Hi Mark. Thanks for getting back in touch with me. I actually started a blog a few weeks ago at Our campaign for Paul Snatchko (46th District) is going really well. Paul's blog is Keep up the good work in the South Side, Mark.