Thursday, May 24, 2007

Antarctic Centre: Been there, done that

The Little Blue Penguins (also know as 'fairy penguins' in Australia) are the sweetest things. They are delightful says Catherine. The Antarctic Centre has 21 of them. They are all rescued animals. One is blind.

The ferret is not their friend.

There even was a ride in a Hagglund."

Before 1920, all exploration in Antarctic was done on foot. Later, helicopters and tractors were used. In 1985 the Hagglund all-terrain vehicle came onto the scent to improve the transporting of staff and materials on the ice. It is amphibious and does donuts on an outdoor adventure course. The retired guys who are the drivers have a kick out of leading the tours. It has caterpillar tracks but is designed to exert only half the ground pressure of a human footprint so as to leave almost no impression on the ground or snow, so it's very environmentally friendly.

Quiz: What is the one place in the world where an American can travel to without a passport?

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