Monday, May 28, 2007

Letter home

We've been away more than a month. Home in two weeks.

We fly today from Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, to Christchurch, our home away from home, this afternoon. 4 pm flight. Only 30-minutes in the air. One runway airport here.

Then we leave for Auckland tomorrow. Spend a day or two there.

Catherine's talk was well received.

We really hit the tour bookings just right. So much to do -- but we did it perfectly.

Today Erik, Grant and Catherine went on a horseback trip. Erik's horse was in the Lord of the Rings movies! So cool. Crossed six or so rivers on horseback -- Catherine getting her feet wet -- while on the horse. Very wild and beautiful mountains and landscape.

I'm at an internet cafe -- but the only sign of a 'cafe' is the coke filled refrigerator behind the desk. Cost is $3 per hour to surf.

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