Thursday, May 31, 2007

No wonder New Zealand has a serious brain drain

See recent photos of our trip to Auckland. They say it a lot like we say "Oakland."

One island in Auckland's bay (harbor) is 600 years old.

They city is dotted with 48 volcanos. Some of the craters have been 're-developed.' But this is a famous one, called Mt. Eden.

The other in the distance is called "One Tree Hill." But, the tree is gone now. Grant stood on the stump.

More insights to come later. Running out to the pool for a trip on a bus to Dunedin for a weekend swim meet.

We got up at 5 am in Auckland. Grant called his classmates. Then today we travel to Christchurch and again farther south on a bus. So, we are going from North to South nearly the length of the country.

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