Saturday, May 12, 2007

Super 14: Bulls defeat Crusaders 27-12 - International Herald Tribune

Our team is the Crusaders. They lost. The theme has been infringements, rucks and mauls -- on the field and off. The night after their last home game -- a few of the players punched up a few others on the steets of Christchurch -- at a bar (of course) -- because of "cheeky" comments.
Super 14: Bulls defeat Crusaders 27-12 - International Herald Tribune: "The Bulls were then able to take advantage of errors the opposition made in trying to break the stranglehold.

Crusaders captain Richie McCaw was sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes at the start of the final quarter for repeated infringements at rucks and mauls, and Hougaard kicked the resulting penalty to stretch the lead to 24-12.
The game was played in South Africa and was on the air at 3:30 am (local time). It was on "sky tv" -- a station that we don't get here at the house. So, we didn't watch the game.

I had offered to the swim coach to open up a swim team party and hold it at the swim pool in a 'lounge' -- where there is a TV. Then we could have had a half-time basketballl game and a morning swim practice. Martin said I was full of many 'wild ideas.' Then he pointed out how he isn't into rugby, much. He likes the world cup. His sport is soccer. And, he is from the UK.

I asked a dozen kids on the team if they were going to get up to watch the game -- and none were psyched about the game and none were going to miss sleep to watch. A few parents or siblings were expected to watch.

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