Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ron Paul got an endorsement from a California organization

The United Republicans of California (UROC) have unanimously endorsed Congressman Ron Paul for president of the United States.

In their official statement endorsing Dr. Paul, UROC called him "the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital" and recognized that:

Ron Paul's voting record demonstrates that he has voted against:

  • raising taxes

  • unbalanced budgets

  • a federal restriction on gun ownership;

  • raising congressional pay; or

  • increasing the power of the executive branch.

  • His voting record demonstrates further that he voted against:

  • the USA Patriot Act;

  • regulating the Internet; and

  • the war in Iraq.

  • Dr. Paul is the only candidate with a record that matches the UROC’s platform.

    The group's leaders said others from "across the country should support Ron Paul for president."


    Matt H said...

    Ron Paul is not going to win.

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Ron Paul has already won. He won the first and second GOP debate -- according to MSNBC's poll (MSNBC hosted the first debate) and FOX News (Fox hosted the 2nd debate).

    Ron Paul has more subscribers to his YouTube page than Obama.

    When Liberty wins -- we all win.

    The war is proven to be wrong -- something that Ron Paul said before it started.

    Thomas Leturgey said...

    "Ron Paul has already won." What in God's name could that possibly mean?

    Paul is a "niche" candidate much like John Anderson in 1980.

    When he's on Letterman or Leno, we'll take him seriously.

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    There have been two GOP candidate debates. One in Calif with Nancy R at the library. The other with Fox in S.C. Ron Paul won them both -- as per the MSM each time.

    Ron Paul is scoring big victories.

    Ron Paul is not going to win so says Matt. Give me a break. Matt won't be voting in the GOP primary. -- but I say Dr. Paul has already has won big time and he has clearly taken certain battles.

    The goofy Michigan dude wanted Paul kicked out of future debates. That only means Dr. Paul is winning and can't be beat.

    Ron Paul is a M.D. He is a congressman. He was born in Pittsburgh. He is a vet. He was against the war -- and asked Congress to vote for war -- up or down.

    The Primary in PA is nearly a year away. He will hold his own and won't fade. The others will fade.

    Thomas Leturgey said...

    He won't win the GOP primary. He's not even considered a front-runner. He has some good supporters, but Fred Thompson has more buzz.

    An "Anti-War" Republican carrying the GOP? No way, shape or form that's EVER going to happen.

    The steadfast Republican voting base simply will not throw the military under the preverbial bus.


    Mark Rauterkus said...

    I read that another five service men and women got killed in Iraq today. So, I ask, who is getting tossed under the bus now? Who is doing the tossing? Who doesn't want to be the aggressor?

    The present administration is hell bent on going to war. This is a war that was not declared. This is a war that America won't win. The war is for them to sort out there.

    We are not making peace there. We are making war.

    Viet Nam was ended due to Anti-War Republicans. Same too for Korea's conflict.

    Anti-War Republicans made the GOP strong. They won the nation over to R.

    The Neo Con Republican War Mongers is what is playing a role at killing the nation and the GOP.

    Ron Paul is a vet. He wants the US to be strong at home.

    Thomas Leturgey said...

    Another five killed? While very sad for those heroes and their families, a one-minute search of TODAY's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online edition shows of at least SIX area people killed in accidents and/or fatal shootings within the past 24 hours.

    Of course people are going to die in war. That's why they are heroes.

    I applaud Mr. Paul for his service and his character and some of his conservative/libertarian ideas.

    There's just no way on earth that he's going to win the GOP nomination.

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Yes, I must have got the numbers wrong or heard a partial report.

    More news pointers:

    Nine US Soldiers Killed in Five Iraq Attacks
    Nine US soldiers were killed in five separate attacks across Iraq in the past 48 hours, most of them by roadside bombs. Iraqi police also said they had found the body of one of the three US soldiers who have been missing since an attack on their patrol south of Baghdad on May 12.

    William Fisher | Leading GOP Candidates Surge to Embrace Torture
    Despite the contention of scores of senior military intelligence officers that "torture doesn't work," the audience at last week's Republican presidential candidate debate broke into applause when leading candidates endorsed increased use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques.

    US Surge Is Failing, Says UK's Iraq Envoy
    In a pessimistic assessment of the strategy designed to pull Iraq back from all-out civil war, Alastair Campbell, the outgoing defense attaché of the British embassy in Baghdad, claimed that extra US forces were not achieving the desired drop in violence.

    Thomas Leturgey said...

    From Wikipedia: "There were about 2,400 casualties on Omaha on D-day, most in the first few hours."

    Thank God that Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha and the other narrow-minded Liberal/Socialist hate mongers didn't have a voice on June 7, 1944. We'd all be speaking German, Murtha would be bursting out of a officer's uniform somewhere and Pelusi would be an anonymous member of her beloved National Socialist German Workers Party, seving hot dishes to her husband and his Volksgemeinschaft cronies.