Saturday, May 19, 2007

State selling its 50-year-old Downtown office building

State selling its 50-year-old Downtown office building For sale: 16-story office building in great Downtown location. Needs some TLC.

The State Office Building, overlooking Point State Park, is going on the market, the state Department of General Services confirmed yesterday.
This was a Michael Diven idea. Diven wanted to turn all of the government building in the downtown area into loft / condo / apartments. Then he would have re-built the Fifth and Forbes area as a RIDC-like office park for all the government workers.

Diven's idea was an eye opener -- but it would have killed the city. I didn't want any part of it.

Generally, it is always a good thing to sell off governmental buildings and assets. But, is there a greater plan?

I'd hate to see a move take place that unfolds much like the move of the PAT offices.

Jack Wagner -- please look into what's what with these buildings and assets.

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