Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taint of politics colors city's Redd Up work

Taint of politics colors city's Redd Up work The politicization of public works is likely to emerge as a top issue in coming months, as Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's administration attempts to computerize city management, Councilman William Peduto pushes for reform legislation, and new council members take office.
What department within the city isn't politicized?

Heck, the Big League department was driven by politics.

I can think of a few departments that are very, very good. And, I'm thinking of a few that are not -- to my knowledge -- driven by politics. So, part of my statement is an honest one. I don't want to paint with a huge paint brush -- or wallpaper with one arm in an out-of-date style. But, there is a ton of politics in and out of most departments within our fair city.

Road paving, check and got MSM coverage.

Public Work's Redd Up, check -- and now with MSM coverage.

Firefighters. City Police Commanders. Controller's office. They bang on political fronts three different ways. The URA, oh my gosh, of course. The Parking Authority -- and its newest hire, of course. Legal Dept -- and its George Spector, still acting solicitor, yep.

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