Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To Mark!!!

I just noticed on the left hand side of the blog that today is Mark's birthday.

Congratulations to the world traveler and world-class thinker!

Enjoy some cake for me.



Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks Tom.

Yes, I'm 48 -- today. But, that was yesterday for me. As I type this it is 5:46 pm on my birthday (May 16) in Pittsburgh -- but -- I'm at May 17 at 9:45 am. But, I was born in Pittsburgh -- so -- I guess I'll keep celebrating.

New Zealand is know for carrot cake -- and we'll have that again tonight. So Tom -- I'll have a wee bit more for you.

Last night I had a 'birthday swim' with the team and they sang HBD. Then I taught them a swim cheer. Not like the haka (made famous by the N.Z. All Blacks Rugby Team).

Then, for my swim friends, I asked the squads I was coaching (both developmental and masters groups practices) to give me a present -- swim 100 meters in only 48 strokes. That was my 'gift'.

I'll email this to the team at home.

Today we'll bike to QEII Park (Queen Elizabeth II) and spend a day on the 'hydro slides.' It is a big indoor swim pool that was home to the 1974 Commonwealth Games.

Thanks for message.

Agent Ska said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...