Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ohligarchy: Having Fun Is Never A Waste Of Time

Here is a guy who has his a smile on his face and his marbles in the bag. Sharp post. Thanks for the vote and insights.
Ohligarchy: Having Fun Is Never A Waste Of Time County Executive race was a joke, but my vote was not. This weekend, Councilman Matt Drozd -- whom I have heard speak on several occasions and is a very smart, impressive man -- encouraged Republican voters to cast a write-in for his young son and namesake, who doesn't even want the office but will act as 'placeholder' for anyone else who would want to step in and take his place. Naturally, I wrote in Mark Rauterkus. Of the many races in which he has thrown his hat in this year's ring, County Executive was the only one in my jurisdiction. I hope enough Republicans voted for him to earn him the nomination. He could teach them a few things about standing for office.

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