Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Opposition to Ravenstahl and More

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In news coverage of write-in results of both the mayor's race and county executive race -- it is good jouralistic practices to be objective and tell the entire story. So, do make mention that the Libertarians have every intention of getting candidates onto the November 6, 2007, general election ballot.

Mark Rauterkus, presently in New Zealand, is an announced candidate for both Mayor and County Executive. His February 2007 announcement has since generated nomination papers in April at Elect.Rauterkus.com. A dozen candidate slots are being contested by Libertarians. The deadline for paperwork for ballot access for Libertarians is August 1, 2007.

My quote:

"If Mark DeSantis is interested in a serious campaign with talk about solutions and issues, then I welcome him to the ballot and into the communities for a race. I'll be happy to debate both Mr. DeSantis and/or Luke Ravenstahl. Now is the time for various local institutions, organizations and media outlets to make moves for hosting debates throughout August to October."

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Posted at burghreport.blogspot.com

Way to go Mark DeSantis.

Sad for Matt D. (jr. and sr.) in the effort to get onto the ballot for the Allegheny County Chief Executive race. What in the world do you (fellow bloggers) have to say about that -- the election of Dan Onorato to the GOP primary slot.

With some heavy lifting in the weeks to come -- I'll also try to put a Libertarian onto the ballot for both of those races -- and plenty of others. Perhaps it will be me.

Finally, I don't think the thinking of DeSantis is valid in his justification for being so silent.

DeSantis, it seems, has been hesitant to put specifics on the table for the same reasons Peduto pulled out of the race. (Little point.) Peduto was bashed for not being bold in his offering of solutions, but this posting gives cover to DeSantis for taking the same angle of non-attack.

Loyalty to party shines through.

If there is little point of discussing specifics then there is little point of thinking about public life at all -- until you are in line to be king or queen.

That is bunk.

We don't need a contested coronation to unfold between two who are content in attempts to shine with voters where both choose to wear "no clothes." (Remember the parable/fairy taile) That's the type of 'transparent government' that Pittsburgh does NOT need.

How many votes did the Pgh Pierogie get?

When I ran in the GOP Primary in 2001 -- I got nearly double what DeSantis got. And, I got second.

Sadly, many of those who voted for me and my loyal opponent in 2001 have left Pittsburgh by now. The have voted with their feet.
Mark Rauterkus | Homepage | 05.29.07 - 6:07 pm | #