Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There IS an election tomorrow

There IS an election tomorrow 'One thing I would point out about filing a complaint with the Ethics Hearing Board is that it's a very lengthy process,' she said, estimating it at 'up to a year' if the allegation is complex.

She repeated that all complaints are filed 'under penalty of perjury.' Translation: if the complainant is found to have lied on their complaint, they can find themselves on the wrong end of a prosecution.

Under the ethics code, she said as a reporter sat a few feet away, the complainant is not allowed to make their filing of a complaint public. Mr. Phillips' concerns have already made newspapers and the TV news, but Ms. De Simone said that didn't necessarily bar him from pursuing a complaint -- as long as he doesn't specifically tell anybody that he has filed it.
The Ethics Hearing Board has been around for longer than a year. It was hatching for more than a decade!

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