Friday, May 11, 2007

Koch's campaign for council faces new questions

Koch's campaign for council faces new questions Mr. Phillips said Ms. Conroy 'basically told me she was calling me to ask if the councilman could use my name on a mailer that his campaign was producing. Apparently the campaign is attempting to put together a piece that shows all of the former candidates in the March special election support Jeff.'
My phone number is 64-03-364-2715. You'll need to call New Zealand to speak with me.

I don't think that Jason, as the article said, will put his name on the list.

I don't think Mike Walagorski will put his name on a list for Jeff Koch either.

I won't put my name on a list as well -- but -- I'd be willing to take a phone call at a decent hour to talk about the matter. I'm going to run against either Jeff or Bruce -- depending upon who wins the D party primary. Or, I'll get another to do so under the Libertarian banner.

I do have the strong impression that in 2006, headed into the March 14 special election with nine candidates, that Bruce Kraus was the lone man out. Had any of the other eight had broken with Kraus -- he could have won the race. But, Kraus had been double-talking throughtout the campaign and wasn't getting any love from any of the other candidates.

I was very happy that Jeff Koch beat Bruce Kraus. Kraus is much like Tom Murphy -- a double talker who offered too much to everyone -- and it was always a different offer. And, those offers were only empty promises that would have never been kept.

Kraus has no sense of what government is about and what it should be doing.

Kraus is not worthy to serve in public office in my humble opinion. IMHO, Kraus would be a wedge and source of underhandedness on council.

Even the quote in the P-G from Kraus is a load of crap. Mr. Kraus yesterday said there is "a pattern of behavior" of using city resources for his opponent's campaign. "People under his authority are using city time and resources for his campaign," he said, adding that he thought the involved workers were not at fault and were "caught in the middle here." So, Kraus doesn't want to peg the employees. What's up with that. Kraus is the one who is always caught in the middle.

Meanwhile, I am not impressed with the folks on city council nor with the leadership from the mayor's administration. They are driven by spite and envy. The sense of purpose is absent. Principles are down the drain.

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