Monday, May 14, 2007

KQV Newsradio Pittsburgh

KQV Newsradio Pittsburgh Does the local Republican Party have a solution? If it does, we have yet to hear about it!
Mr. Dickey. The solution comes in one word, "Libertarian."

The Pittsburgh May 15th Primary Ballot...Verifies That It's a One-Party Town!

One of the saddest commentaries on our city of Pittsburgh is a review of the upcoming May 15th Primary Elections on a number of offices. If you want confirmation that it's a one-party town, just take a look at the offices that are in the mix.

Here's how it shapes up...Mayor of the city - no Republican candidate filed...Controller -no Republican candidate filed...District 3 - no Republican candidate filed...District 5 - no Republican candidate filed...District 7 - no Republican candidate filed...District 9 - no Republican candidate filed!

Are you getting the message? It's coming across loud and clear - Pittsburgh is a one-party city and unfortunately, we're all paying the price for the lopsided Democratic registration majority...6 to 1 and we've been paying the price since the 1930s. In our opinion, a tenured and dominant one-party control of a city, regardless of which party it may be, is a real prescription for trouble.

Pittsburgh, of course, is not the only city in America with this problem, but we're certainly one of the major cities having this albatross around our necks for more than 70 years!

In our opinion, without competition at the ballot box, there is no serious debate on the city's vital issues; no exchange of ideas; and no development of problem solution strategies or philosophies.

Just take a look at the financial problems that have been haunting our city for decades and will be for decades to come. The root of many of those problems can be found in our city's one-party hang-up and its back room political cronyism.

But our major concern - as reflected by the absence of Republican candidates on next Tuesday's ballot - is that nobody seems to care and no conscious effort is being made to rectify the problem. Over these many years, the Republican Party in Pittsburgh seems to have surrendered and shown the white flag.

We think the Republican Party of Pittsburgh, if there is one, needs to get off its padded posterior and at least make an effort. Otherwise we're going to continue to sing this swan song forever while the city suffers the stifling consequences of one party dominance!

Does the local Republican Party have a solution? If it does, we have yet to hear about it!

Robert W. Dickey, President, KQV Newsradio

Broadcast: May 11, 12, 13, 2007
We have a ticket, a Libertarian line-up, that covers all the spots you mentioned above. Candidates have been recruited. Nomination papers have been drawn up. Now we need KQV to alert the public so signatures can be obtained.

You can do a sack dance on the shell that was the GOP -- or -- you can help to make viable opposition elsewhere.

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