Friday, November 02, 2007

38% to 18%

This is really sad and a bit alarming.

I ran an extensive poll that ended at noon today, Friday, November 2. We've called thousands of people over the course of 6 days, 12 hours each day with multiple phone lines.

Presently 18% of the people are either "unsure" or "not telling" as to who they are voting for in the mayor's race.

However, the amount of people who are unsure in their pending votes for city controller is 38%. That's thirty-eight percent. The election is three days from today.

My hope and wish for the undecided folks is for them to read the League of Womens Voters Guide. Look at that content along what I've delivered on the web, starting at

Most of all, this opportunity presents a final opportunity to shout out to the media professionals in the region. There has been very little coverage on the city-wide race for controller. We had one debate (Oct 29) without any media coverage there. None, except for our video camera. (Thanks David Schuilenburg.) I have the video of the debate going online at my site soon. I have been making 99% of the media for this race, as a candidate. Ekks! Meanwhile, my opponents are doing everything they can to hunker down and squash discussions about solutions for Pittsburgh.

I'm available to talk on camera and to reporters and Trib editorial review board about the race, democracy, and our political landscape. If anyone wants to talk about solutions for our schools, parks, freedom or ethics, especially as ethics touch upon Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearing Board -- email me at, or call me, 412 298 3432.

If the 38% of the voters that are still undecided opt for me, Libertarian, Mark Rauterkus, I can win the post of Controller. It is an optimistic view, but true. As I'm elected, Pittsburgh will not only break one party rule, but the city can establish a Citizens' Congress and a Youth Technology Summit. We can move way beyond audits and apply a process that matches the methods of open source software development.

Feel free to make your own endorsement and foward this to your friends, family and neighbors. Pittsburgh's media has starved the voters for insights into the controller's race and the three other races for city council being waged by the challengers.

In district 1, vote for Dave Schuilenburg.
In district 9, vote for David C. Adams.
In district 3, vote for me, Mark Rauterkus, Libertarian.

And for city controller -- I need votes from both the Ravenstahl and DeSantis camp. My base of support is mixed among all sides. But undecided voters are everywhere, sadly.


Anonymous said...

What was your breakdown on the mayor's race?

Rich Lord said...

Mark, You called me, and now I'm curious.
How many respondents?
What were the precise questions asked regarding the controller's race?
And what was the breakdown -- how many said they'd vote for you, versus Lamb?
Who conducted the poll?
Over what dates?
Robo or humans asking questions?
And what's the margin of error?
- Rich Lord

MH said...


If you are Rich Lord with the Post Gazette, did you know that someone with a city of Pittsburgh IP deleted various scandals from the mayor's Wikapedia entry. Type in Luke Ravenstahl at the wikiscanner,