Sunday, November 04, 2007

Playground in City reeks of lead. Poison puts brain on hold. City waits. Kids and Parents know nothing.

Our family to China three times. Once we were there while all the Recreation Centers within the City were closed. They were idle, by design. Closed for political reasons by the local Democratic Mayor. Thanks to the leadership of the Dems in Pgh, we've got more of the same to bark about.

This week Pittsburgh give itself another leg up on China, famous for its exports of cheap toys to the US that are covered with lead-based paint. Perhaps it this can be called a 'Lead Pipe Lock.'

The lack of action on these types of problems is typical. Plenty of problems concerning our kids and youth are begging for attention. Meanwhile, our city, this city, does NOTHING. That is what THEY always do. Nothing.

More talk and buzz about the parks has surfaces in recent times than ever before -- due to the killing of the geese in both North Park and Riverfront Park on the South Side. This is why we talk about parks -- dead geese. Neither the media nor the politicians are eager to engage and talk about parks. Dead geese -- not kids, not recreation, not coaching, not programming.

Now, lead-poison, toxic playground, additional inactions. Newspapers and city hall officials talk about the parks because the playground dirt is toxic. They knew about it for months. AND, they did NOTHING.

For the sake of the future and the kids -- I'd love your vote and endorsement for both city controller and city council, district 3.

I'm running against do-nothing politicians who won't rock the boat. They act like lead anchors and are sinks to sustained conversations about solutions for our region. I, at least, will scream foul! (pun intended)

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