Friday, December 07, 2007

Book Explodes Swift Boat Myths - New Book Explodes Swift Boat Myths: The foreword for the book was written by John E. O'Neill, the lead spokesman for the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth in 2004. One chapter that underscores the impact of the new media on the campaign has been made available online at 'Rather's Ruin and the Rise of the Pajamahadeen' tells how ordinary citizens with computers exposed the phony documents '60 Minutes' used to attack George Bush's National Guard service, effectively ending Dan Rather's career at CBS News.

Sample chapter in PDF format.

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John K. says: The documents Rather had were phony. Rather admits that. He continually states that he threw the allegation out there, without proof, and requires the offending party to provide proof it isn't fake. But that is what is taught in the school of journalism. Make sure the story fits the agenda regardless of facts. And never let a fact ever enter the picture if it embaresses the author.