Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Republican Eagle | Rauterkus and Simonson may fill out Port board

The Republican Eagle | Rauterkus and Simonson may fill out Port board: "Rauterkus and Simonson may fill out Port board"
Not me, but an 'open-minded' post.


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Rauterkus and Simonson may fill out Port board
Jon Swedien The Republican Eagle
Published Saturday, December 08, 2007
Two individuals on Monday could be selected to fill the recently vacated Red Wing Port Authority seats.

One is a familiar face, the other a fresh face.

Red Wing Mayor Donna Dummer has chosen Ralph Rauterkus and Chris Simonson as potential Port members. However, the Red Wing City Council must confirm their appointments, before they can join the Port.
Jon Swedien Archive
They would fill the seats of former Port members Dan Massett and Doug Heitman, who were removed because of residency issues.

Dummer said one of the reasons she selected both men is because they are “open-minded.”

The familiar face, Rauterkus, is current president of the Red Wing Advisory Planning Commission. If the City Council approves his appointment, his seat on the Planning Commission would be vacated, Dummer said.

Dummer said she liked the fact that Rauterkus is involved in a high technology field. He is an information technology engineer for a semiconductor manufacturer, according to the application form for the board seat.

The fresh face, Simonson, said he pictures himself as open-minded. He moved to Red Wing five years ago and he said he plans on bringing “some different ideas and a different background” to the table.

Simonson said the Port Authority position works well for him because it mixes politics and business, two areas of interest.

Simonson graduated from the University of River Falls with a political science degree and has managed $100 million budgets for Fortune 500 companies, according to his board application form. He currently runs his own real estate company.