Wednesday, January 09, 2008

AP: Richardson to end presidential bid - Yahoo! News

Peace activists -- those who want to make peace and not war -- and all who want to avoid a vote for neo-cons and near-neo-cons! Come join the Ron Paul Revolution.

The military / industrial complex that the USA has become can be changed. That is the real change that people of the nation -- and the world -- desire. Our foreign policy has to change. Ron Paul will present that hope better than the rest.
AP: Richardson to end presidential bid - Yahoo! News New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson ended his campaign for the presidency Wednesday after twin fourth-place finishes that showed his impressive credentials could not compete with his rivals' star power.

Richardson planned to announce the decision Thursday, according to two people close to the governor with knowledge of the decision. They spoke on a condition of anonymity in advance of the governor's announcement.
I know that a number of my D friends were big-time supporters and fans of Richardson. Until now, they had a reason to be excited about a candidate in the race.

I hope and expect that many of the Richardson voters will place their votes to Ron Paul now.

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