Thursday, January 03, 2008

FOX sucks

*URGENT* National protest aganist Fox News Jan 3rd

Ron Paul Grassroots Campaign News Release
For Immediate Release
Contact Andrew Panken for more information

On the evening of, January 3, 2007, Ron Paul supporters will be protesting the exclusion of our candidate from the Fox News candidate forum debate. We will be protesting at local Fox TV Stations across the country and at the Fox Forum Debate location in New Hampshire.

According to numerous recent professional pollsters, such as American Research Group, Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll, Rasmussen Reports, USA Today/Gallup Poll and Boston Globe/University of New Hampsire Survey Center, Ron Paul clearly polls higher than some other candidates, who are invited to the Fox debate forum. These polling results may easily be checked at http://www.usaelectionpol... . The exclusion of Ron Paul is not based on polling results or funds raised, which may in fact surpass all other GOP candidates. Final fundraising totals for Ron Paul have reached 20 million dollars for the fourth quarter.

The Fox Broadcast network has systematically excluded Ron Paul from their coverage. Numerous post debate polls conducted by Fox, have shown Ron Paul to be favored by most conservatives, over the pro-war candidates. The Fox network is showing their obvious bias against a candidate that disagrees with their commentators pro-war stance. We are protesting, to inform Americans, that Fox is unfair and unbalanced. Let all GOP primary voters decide, not the Fox network. The Fox network is attempting to manipulate this process, by excluding a now top tier candidate, Dr Ron Paul.

End Of News Release

Note to Local Meetups:

All local Meetup groups should setup protests at your local Fox Station on the evening of 1/3. Then, fax this news release with local contact information to all media in your area, including your local Fox station.

Fox Affiliate Stations:

Fox Owned and Operated Stations:

On a side note – please use the phrase “Not broadcasting in the public interest” in chants, on signs, etc. That's FCC speak for “your broadcasting license is in jeopardy”. Follow through and file a complaint with the FCC against the stations if Dr. Paul is excluded from the forum on the 6th.

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