Friday, January 04, 2008

In my political dreamworld, RON PAUL gets attacked on all sides by neo-cons in Feb and March

Over a 2PJ's blog, I posted a playbook for the primary season that navigates Ron Paul to a victory in the months to come. Reasoning and motivations are put out to kick around.

Tip: Kick the reasons, not the shins.

The Richardson supporters of Iowa could have been "Indies" except for one fleeting moment.

What Dem candidate is MOST against the war in Iraq? Richardson? Of course, D.K. too. But D.K. even released his supporters pre Jan 3.

What political party is MOST against the war in Iraq? Not Rs (with the exception of one candidate). Not Ds even. But the Indies -- especially the subset of Is, like me, the Libertarians.

Generally, those that don't vote - or had not voted - are more "I" than "D."

Anyone can participate in the primary voting in many states, including Iowa, by showing up and making a declaration that s/he is now (for that moment) a "D" or a "R."

Lots of Indies participated in the events of Iowa on Jan 3 by saying that they wanted to be a "D". Opt in to the D side -- No wait. No fuss. No worries.

Many were in the D ranks on Jan 3 in Iowa to insure that HILLARY didn't win.

Richardson's folks, mostly, got skunked in the first round -- by not reaching a level of 15%. (Weird Iowa D rules.) They were then 'free' to go elsewhere -- on the D side.

Richardson's support was beyond 2% in the first vote -- but -- that was NOT part of the final score.

Many of the freelance voters in Iowa went to the D side on Jan 3, handing Hillary 3rd place. Voters are victors.

If Hillary is kept in check and kept out of the winner's slot, and if Richardson and D.K. are kept far from the pack -- then the free radical voters will show up to work against the neo-cons.

The upside potential for Ron Paul is great.

In the states with the most repressive voting ways (like here in PA) -- that spur of the moment capacity is diminished.

Finally, the Richardson and Obama supporters in Iowa that depend upon farm subsidies -- were happy campers in the D caucus, even if they were strongly against the war.

Ron Paul doesn't like gov handouts -- even to farmers. So, he had a tough road to hoe (pun intended) in the cornbelt / bio heartland.

My hope is for more 40-40-20 D party results with Hillar in a distant 3rd and Richardson and D.K. on the sidelines soon.

In the R race, I want all the neo-cons to stay in and self destruct / self absorb -- landing blows at each other.

Then they'll all need to turn against RON PAUL in Feb and March.

PS: Sorry if I got a "IF was/were typo" mixed in the rushed ranting above.

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