Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Junkies Comment on the 'painful' part of Patrick's vote -- IMHO

These are my words, posted at another blog.
Blogger: 2 Political Junkies - Post a Comment Dowd was yanked off, IMHO, because he wanted a public discussion of a legislative agenda from possible candidates -- before the vote.

It didn't happen.

So, he was forced into a vote without justification, without real merit.

He turned in his vote without doing the homework. Or, really, a better view would be -- he was the 'teacher' and he turned in a 'passing grade' to the student (Doug) without the student doing any of his assigned homework. Teachers don't give out grades lightly. It was painful for Dowd to give out a vote without merit. The basis of the vote was plain old politics of the past and of the person.

That was Dowd's first step. Leaving the 'high road' was done. Perhaps he can return to the high road, bailing out himself, by forging a common legislative agenda in the days and weeks to come.

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