Monday, January 07, 2008

More planning meetings about schools -- Sunday at 2 pm -- and my conference call on WED at 10 pm

We are planning another strategy meeting for 2 pm next Sunday, Jan. 13, at the Panerra on the Boulevard of the Allies. The next board hearing is January 14 and we would like to coordinate some talking points and strategy.

Tentative topics:

1. Schenley building, status of current information regarding repair costs and extent

2. Schenley population: IB/IS, neighborhood, freshman class, segregation

3. High school reform: Think it through before committing further funds.

We are going to try to come up with a list of questions/concerns that we would like to have answered. The board hearings give us the opportunity to express our concerns but they do not give us any means to get answers to these questiosn or concerns. If you are unable to join us on Sunday, there are several ways to stay involved. Check out the telephone conference info listed below, send an email to me with questions/concerns and I will add to our list, write to your school board member expressing your thoughts, sign up to speak and the next hearing, write a letter to the editor. Most important: STAY INFORMED. Change is constant; know how it will affect you and your child(ren).

amy moore
(her phone # zapped by blog owner)


You are invited to a telephone conference call to ponder the possibilities of Schenley High School and School District Reform. Parents are gathering to organize efforts and insights. This "talkcast" uses either a telephone OR a computer (or both).

Topics include Schools in Pittsburgh. Parents and community members, get a grip on the proposed changes. Join the fellow parents who have been gathering to talk about the Pgh Public Schools on global basis. Politics, School Reform, Action-plans for Activists are fair game. We are NOT interested in individual concerns about specific kids. Rather, focus on the community, the schools, the agenda!

Meet at 10 pm (eastern) on WED, Jan 9, 2008. The meeting will conclude by 11 pm. After the conversation, the recorded conversation is available for download as a podcast.

No need to pay anything or RSVP. Just show up.

Host: Mark Rauterkus -
Talkcast ID: 3177

Date: Wed, January 9, 2008
Time: 10:00 PM EST

How to participate:

Call in:
1. Dial: (724) 444-7444
2. Enter: 3177 # (Talkcast ID)
3. Enter: 1 # or your PIN

Join from your computer:
1. Become a TalkShoe member
2. Download and install TalkShoe Live client
3. Click here to join the Talkcast

This is our first meeting with this forum / technology. Now is the time to join and be stronger advocates for the sake of the kids in the city.

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