Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On Foreign Entanglements: The Ties that Strangle

On Foreign Entanglements: The Ties that Strangle: "This is the problem with our government involvement in the internal affairs of other nations. Our friend one day is our enemy the next. And all our friends' enemies become our enemies. How many times have we armed BOTH sides of a conflict because of this? There is little for us to gain from this policy, and simultaneously a lot of trouble we get ourselves into. It is not a rational or intelligent way to interact with the world.
Then there is the "underdog" status.

They say that Iowa is going to have 60% of the people going to the caucus meetings who have NEVER been to one before. And, they are saying that 45% of the participants are non Dems. Humm...

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John K. says: Except for the fact that Jefferson, while espousing the same philosophy, sent four warships, 8 Marines and no journalists or lawyers to do exactly that. Conclusion, sounds nice but it leads to events similar to World War Two.