Friday, January 11, 2008

Pittsburgh Ethics board member Zacharias resigns -

Pittsburgh Ethics board member Zacharias resigns - PittsburghLIVE.comA member of Pittsburgh's Ethics Hearing Board resigned today, citing personal reasons.

The five-member board accepted the resignation of Penny E. Zacharias, 33, of the North Side. Zacharias is a lawyer in the Downtown branch of law firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney.
She wasn't even attending meetings. Good to have her resign.

I wonder how long it will take the mayor to nominate another person as a replacement. It has taken mayors decades to finally appoint people to that board. Tom Murphy never appointed anyone to the board.

Other board members are appointed by city council. And, city council has also failed at its job in the past, with this board as well as with others.

The starved to death treatment has been a mode of operation, in the past, with the Citizens Police Review Board as well.

If the other four people want to resign, that would be fine too. That board is not willing to be proactive and aggressive enough to make a difference in the realm of ethics in the city.

They admit that they need training. The employees need training too. Then the citizens need training as well. This board needs to get in the game and then get fit as issues play out. Training should not take the place of real action. Seems like they are happy ponder training as an excuse for real action. Training sustains the inaction yet kicks up some smoke and dust.

I don't want the Ethics Hearing Board spending money. Nor do I want them to be making money. They should not dish out fines, offer punishments nor think about incomes.

Finally, I don't want the Ethics Hearing Board to subcontract its duties to others. A recent aim was to form a committee and have them come up with a new policy or else a policy review for accepting golf outings. Tee it up as a board. Carry your own clubs. I don't want the Ethics Hearing Board to appoint others to do the heavy lifting (caddy) on policies of the city.

Does anyone know Penny's golf handicap?

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