Monday, January 07, 2008

Record high -- and I'm not talking about city council

Go Ohio State!

My first son loves two football teams. In the college ranks, he pulls for the Ohio State Buckeyes. In the NFL, he pulls for the New England Patriots. This is a good week for him.

My second son and I are going to ride our bikes to swim practice tonight. It is so warm. Will be great. And, his team won the geography bee in his classroom today. At the end of Friday, there was a two-team show-down / overtime. The winning answer had something to do with a lake in a North American country -- and the video image I uploaded today to this blog (scroll lower) shows Grant, in CANDADA, ringing the bell after a day of swimming in a lake in ONTARIO.

It is easier to win the Geography Bee when you've traveled the world. Perspectives.

To my friends now in New Hampshire -- safe travels home.

The image below says "IOWA" in the sign. But, it might as well be Pittsburgh City Council -- today -- as the Dems took the oath of office.

I heard the word 'freedom' once in all the speeches. Ricky Burgess gets the prize. I heard 'free elections' one other time, from Doug Shields. The word "liberty" was not mentioned at all.

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