Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tonight's TalkCast on Electronic Voting Machines and associated problems in counting the votes

We're going to have an online and on the phone event tonight. Here is another bit of insight from our expert, guest.

My focus always is on trying to formulate solutions to the problems. My thought is that since the article points to PA as the next big electoral problem and PA is wide-open to undetected outcome-determinative vote fraud and error now, that perhaps we should focus on how to solve the PA problems.

With that in mind, I've specifically invited a couple of key PA election activists to join the conversation - Stephanie Singer from the Phile area and Marybeth Kuznik. I'm thinking of also specifically inviting Steve Freeman.

And then discussing some methods that the CA activists successfully used there and see if PA activists might want to try using the same tools plus other tools that are available given the lack of accountable voting systems in PA.

I don't know who will show up. Will you?

For the details, check below or log onto TalkShoe.com around 10 pm.

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