Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tribune-Review is hogwash

Trib editors:
Pittsburgh Tuesday takes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Hogwash times 10: Here they come! Beware! The campaign finance 'reform' do-gooders are hitching up the bandwagon. Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto, an unsuccessful mayoral candidate, says he'll soon propose legislation that caps the amount of money individuals can give in city races. This is what losers usually do when they can't gain traction with the public, isn't it?"
No. It isn't.

Losers are voters who have no choice at the ballot box.

Losers are citizens who have politicians that are in the pockets of the wealthy.

Losers are elections when the vote count can't be trusted.

Losers are debate organizers who don't allow for all the candidates to participate.

Losers are editors who have a closed mind and don't even want to open up a discussion.

Losers are reformist who meet for months to solve some issues and can't get results of discussions out into the public view -- yet alone voted upon.

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