Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wall Street Journal + Jerry Bowyer = NO FAIR TAX

Free Preview - WSJ.com: By Jerry Bowyer

If talk show hosts ran the world, we'd have a national sales tax. We'd have no immigration, and we would have long ago carpet-bombed the entire Middle East. We'd also have something called 'fair trade,' which means no real trade at all.

But they don't run the world; they just pretend that if they did, everything would be great. I would be a lot more confident that this was true if I didn't know so many talk show hosts. I would be even more confident if they had really run anything of consequence before. But I do, and they haven't.
I do NOT like the fair tax. The fair tax is a nice idea for the first 30-seconds. But, the fair tax is a bad idea for America at this time. It is a bad idea for the economy. It is a bad public policy.

Speaking of bad policy -- pointing to an article that can't be read. I'm not interested in getting the WSJ password. So, the rest of the Bowyer article is dark to me.

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