Sunday, January 06, 2008

Why Lisa Bennington is abandoning Harrisburg

Brian O'N of the P-G wrote in the Sunday paper about Lisa Bennington, presently on the PA House. She represents parts of Pittsburgh.
Why Lisa Bennington is abandoning Harrisburg Maybe Harrisburg is not the place for anyone who already has a fulfilling career, as our statehouse demands an acceptance of accomplishing not very much. That leaves an open seat in a district straddling the Allegheny River, ...
Lisa is going to retire from the state assembly. She will NOT leave an open seat. When her term is finished, another will fill it.

Seats change. Terms end. Life marches on.

I posted in that thread mentioned at the Burgh Report. My opinions are reposted here, too:

Three cheers for L.B. (woops, had better be more specific) -- Lisa Bennington -- for doing a term in the state house and getting out.

I love term limits.

I love the concept of a citizen legislature.

I love that she got into the fray and can walk away.

That's P-O-W-E-R.

Yes, there is something more to her decision. It is called 'life.' The political realm is nearly life-less -- like a pond covered with scum.

I wish the OVERLORDS, as well as a cadre of others in office, would leave town as easily and with such grace as well.

I'd suggest that all terms in city gov. posts under any type of "OVERLORD" status (Act 47, ICA, etc.) be cut in half and be paid 50% less.

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