Monday, September 08, 2008

Restaurant owners face ban on food sales -- city councilor trying to enforce it

Part 1 about Kraus and his relationship with local investors / business people was in the Pgh City Paper, still out for 2 more days.
Food Fight - South Side restaurant owners say a ban on outside food sales -- and the city councilor trying to enforce it -- are bad for business - News - News - Pittsburgh City Paper - Pittsburgh: "'Why enforce it now?' Obaid asks.

Some say the answer is easy: Councilor Bruce Kraus.

'He's making life miserable for us,' says Mary Tolomeo, a bartender at City Grill, located next door to Obaid's market.

Tolomeo says that in recent weeks, Kraus has warned her that City Grill will be cited if she doesn't move her pizza stand off the sidewalk and inside the restaurant. She says he's even taken pictures of her and other vendors selling on the street.

'It's harassment,' Tolomeo says."
Notice the trend: Bigger government, over-reaching, anti-marketplace, enemy creation, fear establishment, sustained uncertainty, doubtful laws.

Other elements might be part of the trend too.

What do you think?


Matt H said...

Kraus is 100% correct on this issue.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Kraus is 100% capable of making life miserable. That's the issue.

Matt H said...

If these places are in violation of the law then shouldn't something be done about it?

Mark Rauterkus said...

This is less "law" and more "ordinance" and "code" and "favoritism."

The code that a business can't sell food on its sidewalk is also in conflict with things like FREEDOM and CONSTITUTIONAL rights. People have the right to assemble.

So, generally, less from busy-body legislatures is best.

Responsible business solutions can be worked out.

To his credit, Kraus is trying to work it out without the courts. But, others think that these are great 'test cases' to see what's what. Otherwise, the historic district is toast.