Tuesday, September 02, 2008

House Concert slated for WED, Sept 17. You're invited. RSVPs now open

We've hosted a few different house concerts in the past few years. All have been a success, but this next one is going to be slightly different. It will be held in our third floor space, newly refurbished in our historic South Side home. a

We love to support the arts and make great music. The house concert is a particular form of musical experience.

Few in Pittsburgh are familiar with the concept of hosting or attending "house concerts." They are being done in some locations (Point Breeze included) locally and in different parts of the US (Florida, Wisconsin).

Some concert performers make a living doing these types of shows and even prefer these gigs in homes as they are more intimate than club settings where the music is often less important than the drinking.

The great advantage of the house concert from the performer's standpoint is that it cuts out the venue as middle man, with its associated overhead costs. House concert proceeds go straight to the performer. The "suggested artist donation" for the Joe Jencks concert on the 17th is $10.

Fewer people are needed for a draw for a performer to a particular location because the singer earns more per audience member. Sound guys, door men, bartenders and club expenses are bypassed.

These concerts are intimate in a way that venue concerts rarely are. Performers get a chance to socialize with audiences and vice-versa. There's something very old-fashioned and respectful about sharing music, original music, here. It's a modern version of nineteenth-century parlor concerts.

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