Saturday, September 06, 2008

Inequity found in city staff's pay - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Inequity found in city staff's pay - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: 'But (Pittsburgh) is a city that still runs on patronage and who knows whom,' Hansen said.
But, it is worse than this. You gotta know the person and you gotta not care that the work gets done in a quality way. If everyone knew one another and the city was a model of productivity and efficiency, we'd be able to say we are just friendly, easy to know, and outgoing. But, we've got the best buddy thing down pat so it is often 'cover one's ass' while naps get taken on the job and not much gets done.

So, bad patronage is about who knows whom and all in that network care to do as little as possible. Understood? Rocking the boat is not tolerated. And, the gate-keepers know those people as well.

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