Friday, September 12, 2008

Kraus on radio: Pat Ford owes us an explaination

Bruce Kraus of Pgh's City Council was just interviewed on KDKA radio by Marty Griffin about the Pat Ford matter.

Bruce said, "Pat Ford owes us an explanation." "Those (letter of more than a week ago by Mr. Ford about corruption) are very serious allegations."

Others in city hall won't give an interview to Marty for the show. Mayor Ravenstahl took the day off. Doug Shields nor Jim Motznik won't do it either. Michael Lamb, city controller is talking.

The pay off and gag order are bad news. Of course.

But, watch what happens next.

Kraus is deflecting the blame onto Pat Ford.

City controller, Michael Lamb, don't sign the check. Don't pay Pat Ford. Will Michael Lamb stand up and watch our money? Or, will he give it away?

Bob Casey didn't need to make the pay off to the illegal pay raise to the state reps. But he did.

This would never have happened if the law office was terminated.

Michael Lamb, controller, could choke the release of these funds if he was with courage and enough creativity.

For instance, if Mr. Zober wants to pay off Pat Ford, then Mr. Lamb could take the money out of Mr. Zober's pay checks.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Michael Lamb is broken hearted that he won't be able to sit down and ask questions of Pat Ford.

Now Lamb will do a 'full-scale' audit of URA. Was only looking at a couple of things.

Lamb sits down and gets along with Mayor.

Lamb will look at A.S. (f-bomb tosser) payment as it comes to him. She might be eligible for sick days or N@.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Does Michael Lamb sign checks for the URA? It's an instrumentality, remember, not a city department.

And do I detect a faint tone of praise for Bruce Kraus today?