Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lamb is doing a good job upholding a tax that cripples

Pittsburgh Hoagie: All meat no filler: "--Good job by Michael Lamb in winning some money for the city in a transfer tax case. The Post-Gazette reports that $828,000 goes to the city, $414,000 to the schools and $414,000 to the state. Good haul.
What did Lamb do beyond doing his job?

Furthermore, the deed transfer tax is one of the worst, if not the worst, tax that we have.

A good job would be to getting the awareness and political will to get a bill passed so as to give the city a deed transfer tax holiday.

The deed transfer tax hurts the little guys.

The deed transfer tax has a few 'shelters' that bigger buildings and ownerships can deploy to avoid paying that tax.

We want a more free, more liquid, more efficient, more productive landscape for investment, including home ownership.

The deed transfer tax puts the breaks upon the selling and buying of a home. Moving from renter to home owner is much more difficult in Pittsburgh because of the deed transfer tax.

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