Wednesday, September 10, 2008

researcher looking for Ron Paul insights

Hey all - a writer for the PG-South edition wants 10 minutes of your time...please feel free to contact her.

She does need to focus on South Hills people only, she wants to talk with people from as far south as Washington county...unfortunately this leaves us city folk out :)

Here's what she said:

I am writing this article focusing on Mr. Paul's childhood in Dormont, Pa (South Hills of Pittsburgh). My goal is to write an article on Ron Paul and his connections to the area. To this end, I'd like to speak with:

1. Anyone who "knew him when" -- teachers, neighbors, etc.;

2. Local supporters in the South Hills of Pittsburgh (to ask about their ongoing support, what is the fate of Mr. Paul's message after the elections, why he had such broad appeal, etc.);

3. And hopefully Mr. Paul. I'd like to find out the address of the home he grew up in, and names of anyone still living here that were important to him. Also, how did growing up here form him?

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'll be working on this all week; my deadline is September 15.

Erin Gibson Allen
Contact me and I'll send along the phone and email of the reporter.

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