Monday, November 03, 2008

My oh my. Lots of people are playing goalie these days.

Here, the USA Men's Water Polo team sets up on defense as the dark caps (China) set up to shoot. This was from the first game of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Pool play.
Political Tips through the lense of a water polo game:

Play goalie -- turn off your phone. I'm hearing of some friends that are turning off their phones, or did so for much of the weekend. The auto-dialer and volunteer calls are pouring in. The election ads are washing over us all, here in PA, a battleground state.

Some tips for playing a good defense -- teamwork.

Put up one arm when approached.

Keep to the center (of the cage).

Keep your feet moving (kicking).

Keep your eye on the ball. What matters most?

Mark your man.

One vote, like one goal, doesn't make the whole outcome of the tournament (nor campaign).

Keep your head above water -- as in don't burn out. It is okay to get a break and turn to the bench for replacements.

Communicate among those on your team.

When you see something interesting, take a photo of it. Carry your camera. Witness. Document. Cross your legs when doing so. See the guy in the foreground of the photo.

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