Wednesday, November 05, 2008

PPS Plan needs another overhaul

Pittsburgh Public Schools had an open comment period on a long-term plan. A few groups I know of took the plan to the carpet and poked wide holes in what was put out for review in early October.

The plan needs another review and revision period with another round of public comment.

There were so many constructive points already delivered, I didn't send in a formal point by point critique.

Furthermore, if the revision is sent to me -- or made available on the web (as in a Google Document) -- I'd be most happy to re-post it within a wiki to allow for easier, more effective edits and input, (with the rollback capacity).

I understand that there is a need to get a plan to Harrisburg. But, garbage in and we'll get garbage out. If it is worth the effort -- it is worth doing well.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members,

We wanted to provide you with the latest version of the Strategic Plan, which has been updated to incorporate additional feedback we obtained through the 30-day public comment period between September 30 and October 31. You may download the Final Draft Strategic Plan here [PDF, 69p.]

The Final Draft Plan is designed to meet the flexible needs of the District as it continues to implement and deepen the work of Excellence for All across the next six years—2008-2014. Tonight we will present a high level overview of the Revised Final Draft Plan at our November 5, 2008 Education Committee Meeting. (Click here for the ppt presentation.) Formal Board approval is requested at the November 25, 2008 Legislative Session since the Plan must be filed with the PA Department of Education by November 26, 2008.
Thank you again for your participation and support of our strategic planning process.