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Branded demobocrats to raise money for needy this holiday season

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Contact: Mike Ference, The Brand Shop, Inc.
817 Worthington Avenue, Clairton, PA 15025

Pennsylvania political activist, The Mon Dawn, is hoping to make the holiday season a little brighter for the less fortunate by offering limited edition, imprinted t-shirts featuring The Mon Dawn-coined term – demobocrats – to the highest bidder. All proceeds will benefit individuals, children and families who face difficult times during these scandalous and fiscally daunting times in our nation’s history.

“If an Illinois demobocrat can sell a U.S. Senate seat for his own benefit, then I can sell my limited editions, imprinted “Be a Snitch” and “Pennsylvania Dirty Dozen Demobocrats” t-shirts to raise money for folks hurting so badly during these tough economic times,” The Mon Dawn said.

While the t-shirts themselves make great holiday gifts for folks with true democratic beliefs and love for their country, the wearables also send a strong message as to what’s really ailing America. “There’s never been a better time to be a snitch, according to The Mon Dawn. “I’m tired of federal and state law enforcement officials devoting their time to rogue politicians responsible for all that is wrong with this once-great country of ours,” he sadly pointed out.

The toughest part of being a snitch may be finding a local law enforcement official who can be trusted to investigate alleged crimes. “I live in the Mon Valley section of Allegheny County in western PA where three former Mon Valley police chiefs were arrested, convicted and forced to trade in their police blues for inmate orange. Toss in former Allegheny County Sheriff Pete DeFazio and his three cronies forced to vacate their positions in disgrace,” The Mon Dawn adds, “and you have to wonder when and where is it all going to stop.”

The Pennsylvania Dirty Dozen Demobocrat t-shirt is the perfect item for anyone on your holiday gift-giving list. Students of all ages can use it as a show-and-tell project in social studies or history class or as a classic example of dysfunctional behavior for a psychology or sociology class in college,” The Mon Dawn proudly stated. “Political pundits on the right side of issues would find this t-shirt a welcome present under their Christmas tree, and a gift to enjoy for many years and for many occasions,” he adds.

The Pennsylvania Dirty Dozen Demobocrats t-shirt was created following the indictment of 12 political scoundrels named in the bonus scandal by PA Attorney General Tom Corbett. The prison time for all 12 scoundrels could conceivably total 1,892 years, if convicted on all counts.

The opportunity to sell approximately 100 limited edition t-shirts with 100 percent of the money going to needy individuals this holiday season will go to the first media outlet that shows an interest in adverting and marketing the t-shirts with an attempt to raise the most money for those in most need of help.

For more information or to receive a PDF file of what the t-shirts look like and an itemized list of sizes available, contact The Brand Shop, Inc. at 412-233-5491, or send an email to

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