Friday, December 26, 2008

Read, Avoid Extinction

I've been thinking more about burnout and how many need to avoid it. Plus, how some are failing and burnout is winning. A rash of blogging burnout has hit within Pittsburgh. My top bit of advice to community participants is simple: "Don't burn out."

Couple this aim of survival in the community commons with another pressing, personal mission quest -- literacy -- and I'm like a pig in a mud-puddle.

Back in the day, I hooked up with Phil Yeh, a talent and ball of energy that this world has a hard time containing. His words work with a call to "Read. Avoid Extinction."

For our blogs to work, for our communities to work, for our schools to work, for our landscape to work -- from Kiwis to Mao to the Long-Nosed Gar -- we've got to work together, avoiding extinction.

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