Monday, December 15, 2008

Recap of our trip to Southern California

In early December, my wife had an invite to speak to a group of professionals in Southern California. The whole family went. The event and the resort (hardly a hotel) was in Newport Beach.

We arrived on Wednesday and went to the home of our host. He lives in the hills above Hollywood.

On Thursday, Grant's birthday, we started with a swim in the hotel swim pool and workout in the fitness center. Then, according to Grant's wish, we went golfing. Grant got turned onto the game recently. Oh well.

From Grantman

Thursday night, we took the boys to Long Beach and the Belmont Shore Olympic Pool, right on the beach. They joined in with Beach Swim Club for a workout. They did drylands right on the beach and some running. Then the swimming was in a six lane outdoor pool right next to this indoor, 50-meter pool.

From Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates ponder current events

From people & vips

Friday, we went to Golden West Swim Club in Huntington Beach at Golden West College. GW is a Jr. College that has a great water polo team. Plus, the coach is a long time favorite inovator, Bob Gillette. Coach Gillette had been in Arizona with his own AZ Sports Ranch, but moved to Southern California a couple of years ago -- to retire. Giggle.

I have some video of Bob from that practice that makes a great lesson on swim meet warm-ups. The team was doing an easy practice as they had a swim meet set-up going on around them for the meet the next morning.

From Grantman

On Saturday morning, we got up and hit the 13-14 Blue practice with Mission Viejo and Coach A'dam.
MVN - Coaches: "Coach Ad'm Dusenbury
The workout was over the top for Grant, but a great match for Erik. The younger MVN kids were at a swim meet.

Warmup was an 800 and then 12 x 100 kicks.

The main set was 16 x 200s on
4 min each.

3 x 200 fly + 200 IM
3 x 200 back + 200 IM
3 x 200
breast + 200 IM
3 x 200 free + 200 IM

The final set was a swim with paddles, 8 x 100s, working on technique.

Erik, Ad'm and Grant at the end of practice.
From family - travels

We hit some golf balls into the net on Saturday afternoon and then headed to play on the water in Newport Bay on some kayaks. Grant did a bit of open water swimming. Then we watched USC beat up on UCLA in football on TV. That game was in the Rose Bowl. We toyed with the idea of going to the game, but it would have been too much.

All the swim folks were wonderful. Each club and situation is different. We were honored to participate in the practice and visit. We also got to visit with Karen, owner, of CAS. She has always been a great source of not only equipment, but skinny on the local swim scene.

On Sunday, we flew back to Pittsburgh, via the Twin Cities on MN, and its 4-degree temp. We arrived in town and went straight to the Pittsburgh Music Academy for the first rehersal of an orchestra that will hold a concert for Pittsburgh's 250 in the spring.

Videos to come later.

By the way, Catherine, as expected, was a hit at the event / professional meeting. She gave a keynote and provided a bit of buzz to the meeting. She talked about how to make a good evaluation of published research so as to help clinicians be more insightful consumers of published research / news thereby helping the patients.

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