Friday, December 19, 2008

City passes on Army-Navy football game

Told ya.
City passes on Army-Navy football game: "Pittsburgh yesterday withdrew its proposal to host one of college football's biggest events -- the Army-Navy game.

The Steelers and the Pitt Panthers, primary tenants at Heinz Field, were worried about scheduling conflicts, said Craig Davis, a vice president of VisitPittsburgh, the promotional agency of Allegheny County.
If Pitt Stadium was still around, with its turf, then we'd be able to host high school football games there. And, we'd be able to host Pitt's minor games on campus as well.

This sucks that Pittsburgh won't be able to host the Army-Navy game.

I was talking to Mr. B at a school event last night. We talked about the Olympics and I gave him some of our first person insights from our trip to Beijing in August. He said, "I wonder if Pittsburgh would ever be able to host the Olympics."

I told him Pittsburgh isn't able to host the Keystone State Games.

He thought fondly of the time that Duquesne hosted a bit of the NCAA Tournament. I remembered Boston U being here. He Coppin State.

We've got the Arena, Polumpbo, Peterson. Would be nice to see some good multi-site tournaments.

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Matt H said...

About PITT...they should have never gone away from an on campus stadium. This is why all PITT home games are a joke. It always looks empty and there is no home field advantage.