Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where is the Mark DeSantis Micro Credit?

In 2007, Mark DeSantis ran for mayor after getting on the ballot as a write in candidate in a R party primary that was void of a candidate.

In his run, he promised he'd start a "Micro Credit" in the next year -- win or not. Well, it is now time to wonder what became of the candidate promise as 2008 is about to close.

In other news, the Trib is begging Mark DeSantis to run for mayor again.

And, Bram is going to be on the PRR radio show on Monday. Perhaps Bram can take the question to DeSantis -- or else he might be able to fill me in on this blog comments.

He might have started a Micro Credit -- and I just didn't notice. Or, he might have talked about it on one of the past radio shows. Let me know where to investigate those archives, as in the date. I'll listen to the MP3 via

The last thing Pittsburgh needs is more political hot air and promise makers on its campaign trails. Pittsburgh needs less in terms of 'idea factory' and more in terms of 'idea distillery.'

Photo shows Mark DeSantis, far left, Tony Oliva, Luke Ravenstahl and Ryan of the S party, at a Mayor Candidates Forum hosted by the Post Gazette. With all the cuts at the P-G, I wonder if such events will be hosted in 2009? This was a most welcomed, yet very rare event anyway.

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Schultz said...

Mark - it was in the news earlier this year. I haven't heard much since the Trib mention.