Thursday, December 18, 2008

Six arrested in tow pound scheme

Six arrested in tow pound scheme: "Mr. Livingstone, of Mount Washington, was responsible for recording the winning bid prices on the slips, the complaint says. He is a 12-year city employee and earns $39,951 annually.

Controller Michael Lamb would not discuss the arrest.

'There's an issue, and we've been talking to the police about it, and they've asked us to hold off on saying anything,' he said.

'They're in the middle of making some other arrests,' he said, but they will not occur in his office. 'We've been cooperative from the time that we knew about it, but this has been an ongoing police investigation.'

In January, longtime Controller's Office employee Kim D. Platt was arrested for theft of checks and eventually pleaded guilty to forgery and was sentenced to two years' probation plus $5,101 in restitution."
In China, heads would roll. From time to time, in certain instances, I miss China.

A friend on the South Side wants to build a guillotine. He like to dream of the French, not too long ago.

Punishment is one issue to watch. Getting the pension is another.

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