Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deadline is lifted. Not dead yet.

City schools extend magnet-application deadline

Pittsburgh Public Schools has extended the deadline for magnet registration because of high interest and a new process.

Applications must be postmarked by Dec. 19 for about 30 magnet options. The deadline had been this Friday.

Previously, those interested applied at a particular school. This time, the applications are being handled centrally, with applicants permitted to name three top choices.

The extension applies to all magnet options except for Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12, which had a Nov. 21 deadline.

More information on the choices and procedure are available on the district's Web site,
If you miss the deadline, you should go onto the waiting list. If all the slots are not filled, then you have a rolling admission.

If they need to extend the deadline, I'd like to have an extra point or two be awarded to the lottery system to those that do and turn in their homework on time.


parent said...

Hmmm, you don't usually extend things like this because of high interest -- if they had more than enough kids to fill all the slots, why try to get more *after* a deadline? Makes no sense. But then again...

From people I've talked to, the only big pull right now is sci-tech -- coincidence that it's the only one that doesn't exist yet? All you have is their ideas and promises. Those are always bright, it's that damn implementation that gets in the way.

CAPA seems to still be holding its own. IB should be okay, although I'm hearing several people thinking about private/parochial instead to avoid the 6-12 thing.

Anonymous said...

I think Sci Tech is doing poorly. But, I'm just going on a hunch.