Friday, December 05, 2008

If anyone wants to talk about the mayor's race -- call me. Certain keys are not understood by most.

I posted in the comments of another blog about the mayor's race, now that Chelsa is really out of the running in 2009.

Needed, a ONE-TWO punch. Otherwise, forget it.

One is a DEM to beat up upon the existing administration in a contested D primary. Gains must be made. Messages must be delivered. Voters and citizens must see and make a choice.

Then, the second stage is the general election with another campaign. Not with a "R" -- as that is hopeless. But, with an "I." That is the 'second punch.'

And, the two waves need to be coordinated with each other, yet be deliberate and distinctive.

DeSantis didn't offer an ounce of coordination.

Finally, the second must be delivered from a base of other supporters in 'down-ticket' races.

In other news.... See my recent twitter about who is departing Pittsburgh for D.C. for a gig with a national nonprofit in her industry. Hope she is having a good time in 21's homeland.

Perhaps Chelsa's letter saying she quit should have just stated, "Uncle!"


Anonymous said...

John K: So essentially you want someone else to do the heavy campaigning for you. Then you sweep in and claim the prize. Which means you only support Peduto because you expect him to take the political punches, step aside and allow you to win. You sound like a Clinton or a Kennedy. But it is so you.

Mark Rauterkus said...

John K, wrong as wrong can be again.

I'm not sweeping anywhere, except my own home and sidewalk.