Tuesday, December 02, 2008

City building inspectors slow to respond in some cases, audit finds

City building inspectors slow to respond in some cases, audit finds: "Around one in six complaints submitted to the city of Pittsburgh Bureau of Building Inspection 'languish for an average of over nine months,' according to a City Controller's Office audit released today.

Controller Michael Lamb characterized that as a 'distressing' finding in an audit that otherwise found that the bureau, though understaffed compared to similar cities, is getting permits issued within reasonable times and beginning to modernize."
Michael Lamb is bringing down the house.

Hey Michael, you live is city council district 2. Who are you going to support for the new city council member?

Are you going to do anything in that race -- or do as little as possible?

I expect Michael will not look out for the greater community and rather look out for Michael Lamb -- and not make any endorsement nor pledge of support on the campaign trails.

If he played it neutral and down the middle -- but hosted a series of public meetings where he was the moderator of community debates, then he'd be creative, outgoing, energetic, engaging and fair to the democratic process and each citizen candidate putting it out on the line.

I could host pan-partisan debates -- but I've done that before. And, I'm going to come down on a side among the candidates as well. So, I'm not Mr. Neutral on this race, even if it is outside of my formal city council district.

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