Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pittsburgh Council turns down planned South Side bar/restaurant

Central planning is alive and well in Pittsburgh. Well, to be clear, the planning lives but the city isn't nearly as healthy as it could and should be.
Pittsburgh Council turns down planned South Side bar/restaurant Pittsburgh City Council declared it closing time for new South Side bars today, voting unanimously against allowing a new BaBa D's restaurant at 2126 E. Carson St. to serve alcohol.
Council based its decision on an ordinance passed last year that creates a 'saturation point' for alcohol establishments in large neighborhood commercial districts. Councilman Bruce Kraus said there are already 62 bars in the applicable part of East Carson -- nine more than the saturation level under the city formula -- meaning there can be no more.
At another blog, I just posted the following:

Time will tell. But, here we go again.

"Hi-ho, hi-ho, off to court they go."

The legislation was a way to protect the current tavern owners. The legislation puts a cap on something that is already not only full -- but over flowing.

However, once that casino, -- err, slots parlor, opens on the North Side -- err, North Shore -- then we'll have about 15 bars on the South Side go out of business. The weak will die as the times change.

Meanwhile, the dead should NOT be our kids, as was the case again last night at 9 pm on Brownsville Road, with a guy who just turned 16.

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