Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Specter's ethnic jokes lay an egg

Specter's ethnic jokes lay an egg: "Blasted all over the blogosphere, the remarks drew predictable outrage from Polish fraternal groups, among others.

'I find it appalling,'' said Tim Kuzma, president of the Polish Falcons of America, based in Green Tree.
Just yesterday, while walking home from school with Grant, 11, an older guy on the street shared a couple of jokes. One was about the bailout. Then my son told the guy he had a joke or two for him.

Grant told two "blonde" jokes. Grant is with blonde hair.

Note to Senator Specter, perhaps you should only tell dumb senator jokes.

Did you year about the three construction workers on the high rise at lunch time? They all made a pact that if their wife packs them the same lunch tomorrow, (burrito, susi, peanut and butter sandwich) that they'd jump off the building.

At the funeral, the wife of the senator learned of this pledge and said, "But he packs his own lunch."

The joke's punch line isn't as funny with the senator telling it on himself, perhaps, as I can't see him eating P-B-&-Js nor doing it for himself.

Perhaps Senator Specter should shave his head and go to only a comedy routine that is filled with "bald man jokes."

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