Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...Dems Pick Another "Community Actitivist"

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website: Theresa Smith of Westwood is the Democratic Party's official candidate in the Feb. 3 special election in Pittsburgh City Council District 2.

Why a guy like Rob Frank continues to let the Democratic Committee stomp all over him is anyone's guess.

I'm not sure if I ever heard of her before. PG: Ms. Smith crushed the competition in a vote by the district's Democratic committee members, taking 56 of the 75 votes cast. The 49-year-old community activist said she drew from her longtime volunteer experience in the city's western neighborhoods to make her case for the party's nod and plans to do the same with voters district-wide.
She has been president of the Crafton Heights Westwood Ridgemont Community Council and coordinator of the Parent Educational Resource Center for the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Rob Frank, originally from Mt. Lebanon, has been a long-time Democratic stalwart. At one time a Brookline community newspaper publisher, Frank has been championing the city's Democratic machine for about 20 years. Yet each and every time he tries to garner the back-room mafioso's support, they toss him aside faster than a proposed tax cut.

Frank has worked for area politicians including Gene Ricciardi and former Mayor Tom Murphy. He helped on Bill Peduto's last Mayoral campaign...perhaps the last time I'll ever switch parties to vote for a candidate...and many others. He's run for state Committee posts and everything else imaginable. Yet again, the establishment ignores the most "active" of the community activities.

Count this as reason number 11,873 why the city's Democratic committee cannot be trusted. I know, I know, the number is waaaaaayyyy too low.

Rob Frank, 40, will not be the city's next great leader. That's not a "slam," because the chance that Pittsburgh will ever elect an even remotely "good" leader is infinitesimal. There isn't a promising "Democrat" leader anywhere on the planet, let alone Pittsburgh. Rob Frank will probably take the job seriously and not look to serve the public for a heartbeat before finding another position to aspire.

This is only the Committee vote. Something like 85 people were eligible to cast their votes. The "real" election is in February. Vote for Rob Frank just for the fact that he'd be a devout community servant.

But seriously, Rob, if the Democrats snub you again, change your voter registration to Republican. Although you're probably not conservative, you'd get a lot more respect than you get from the oil cretins in the Democrat's back room.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I know Theresa Smith. I know Rob Frank.

The people of the D committee have spoken loud and clear.

The people of the D committee, I dare say, know both candidates too.

By the way, it cost $0 to get into the endorsement race this time. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I know both candidates, as well. Rob is a nice guy but outside of his own area, people don't know him. He does his work behind the scenes, for the politicians and the committee. Theresa is out in the communities and, while she serves on the committee her strong point is her community involvement. She is active in many community organizations and is know as someone who gets the job done. The committee backed the person they felt was the best candidate. My personal belief is that Theresa is not one to bow under pressure. She will always do what is best for her constituents and her communities. This is the reputation that she had developed over the past 20 years and I see ni reason to expect that to change. I believe the committee is backing the best choice for District 2. This is not to say that Rob is not needed, just that he was not the best candidate for that seat.

robert said...

Rob Frank Says Hello

Thanks for the post Tom. I am moving my campaign forward to May. Spending time and effort toward a one year term is counterproductive and goes against my Democratic beliefs.

I just wanted to clear up those who think that I am not involved and that I run for everything.

First, I have never run for a non party office. During the first county council election, I ran for the endorsement for county council and finished 6 votes behind Wayne Fontana with over 200 votes cast. I did not run against the endorsement. As I am not doing this time. I suspect that noone as Tom eluded to will thank me or even take note. Theresa is a nice person and I am glad that she is also involved in the community.

I have worked on over 42 campaigns at all levels.Campaign Scheduler f

My community involvement includes
such projects as collecting over
500 signatures to keep the Mt. Washington Express Bus from getting

Publicity Committee Chairman for the St. Mary of the Mount Ethnic Food Fair.

I have been board Members in the BACC, MWCDC, United Citizens Against Narcotics, and South Pittsburgh Economic Revitalization Team.

Worked on efforts to "Stop the Press" a campaign against the Pittsburgh Press hiring non union workers and passed out over 5000 Boycott Nabisco flyers at local grocery stores when
Nabisco began their efforts to move Pittsburgh jobs out of town.

Fought to stop the Privatization of the the City's EMS Billing Department.

Participated in the Save the Aviary, Helped with the Shaler Play Ground, Save our Transit, First Night Volunteer, Breachmenders, and Multiple Sclerosis Service Society.

Assisted residents in dealing with the tornado damage.

I am not usually a person that participates in blogs but I just had to chime in. However I will be writing a weekly commentary on the site at my website.

To find out more about me, please check out my website at

Political Involvement Includes:
State Committee Member, Only city state committee member elected in the last election from the 42nd Senatorial District.

Volunteer coordinator for the Young Voter Alliance, which was credited nationally for an increased young voter turn out in

Union campaign staffer for Sen. Harris Wofford

Campaign Scheduler for Judge Max Baer

Ward Coordinator for Mayor Tom Murphy.

Raised over $1,000,000 for Breachmenders in grants.

Since I was 17 I have worked on:
5 governor elections
5 presidents election
6 Senate races
7 city council races
2 city controller races
4 State Senate races
15 judicial campaigns
4 State Supreme Court races
7 State Rep Races
6 Mayoral Elections

I served as Statewide College Coordinator for Young Dems

Regional College Director for College Dems

Founder and President of CCAC Democrats

Vice President of University of Pittsburgh Democrats.

I just wasn't sure that people understood I have been involved and will continue to do so.

Onward to May.

Let's Keep the Change Going
Rob Frank
Candidate for City Council

Mark Rauterkus said...

Hi Rob and others,

Thanks for your input. You have been involved.

I'm sad, most of all, that you didn't get the win way back when when in a face off with Wayne Fontana in the D-Party efforts.

Hope you'll be helping -- or running -- to make sure we can get him out of the PA Senate when he comes up for re-election, again.

Your approach to the 4-year term makes great sense. Logical.

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